Housing & Neutral Colocation Services

Safe and advanced infrastructures for neutral colocation in Italy.

We offer a wide range of Housing and Colocation solutions to meet the clients' different needs. Clients can resort to KPNQwest Italy to have comprehensively managed services. Clients can also request our connectivity services to directly connect their own in-house infrastructure with the servers hosted in KPNQwest Italy's Data Centers in Italy.

Wide range of services and configurations:

Power supply

220V or 48V DC, dual feed, 2 MW of total power available


Supply and installation of racks, PDU, wiring. All options include management.


Whole rack, ½ rack or ¼ rack, defined areas, space only or space and equipment option.

MIX – NAP interconnections

Directly available at KPNQwest Italy's Data Centers.


Support services by the NOC or the system division are available.

Intra-campus dark fiber

KPNQwest Italy has significant availability of dark-fiber interconnections to mutually connect the 3 Data Centers and to connect them to the MIX and to other operators within the Caldera campus.