Manage, expand and protect your business. With just a few clicks.

KPNQwest Italy's cloud has been designed for companies who want to make use of an external server facility but maintaining the ability to autonomously set up and manage the service, also remotely.
The result is a reliable, high-performing and easily scalable platform, which allows clients to activate only the resources their business needs and to add or remove features over time according to their specific requirements.

Virtual Data Center: the IaaS offer

Our IaaS service (Infrastructure as a Service) allows clients to: autonomously create virtual servers with tailored RAMs and CPUs, install the operating systems available in our catalogue in just a few steps, mutually connect the servers and connect them to the internet, backup and reset data.
The reliability of all the services is guaranteed by our 4 Data Centers, equipped with synchronous storage writing with replicas on several self-sufficient and independent units across at least two Data Centers. HPE hardware and Vmware software.
Disaster recovery is located in Rome.

Hybrid Cloud

We can create tailored hybrid solutions by integrating the Virtual Data Center with our connectivity and housing services.

One of the most frequent scenarios is a client already having their IT system, or part of it, in KPNQwest Italy's Data Centers. In this case, we can connect the company's hardware with KPNQwest Italy's Virtual Data Center.
Another common scenario is a client who wants to connect their in-house Cloud environment to KPNQwest Italy's Virtual Data Center. Regardless of the option chosen by the client, adopting hybrid solutions brings about an indisputable advantage: spreading the workloads across the two platforms, thus rapidly increasing the computational capacity and performance of the IT system in a flexible way.

Disaster Recovery as a Service 

Protect your business from unpleasant surprises. Our Disaster Recovery as a Service (DraaS) solutions can be bought individually and regardless of other services and, in case of a fault, they guarantee the fastest and safest operational recovery possible.

Based on Zerto high-quality technology, our solutions allow the clients to autonomously decide which part of their infrastructure to protect, to do trial tests and to directly do the switch in case of an emergency. Different service options, designed for every need, are available.