Data Center
Housing and Colocation Services
Data Center
Housing and Colocation Services

From here, you can take your business all over the world.

The 4 Data Centers owned by KPNQwest Italy are the core of our business services and one of our major badges of honor. We designed and built them with only one purpose in mind: to guarantee the highest performance, security, reliability and scalability standards. And we succeeded. Here you can find tailored spaces and services to connect your company to the Internet and magnify your business's potential.

Data Center: the Infrastructure

Four tier-III design Data Centers built within Caldera Business Park in Milan, Italy's most important internet hub. The Data Centers host direct connections to the MIX and to more than 240 national and international operators.

3.5 MW of installed power, redundant power supply, double UPS and long-lasting diesel power units distributed over 2,500 m2, more than 6,000 servers installed. 24/7 surveillance, system and security support.
Integration with our Private Cloud services to expand and boost the systems. We can connect company branches located anywhere in Italy thanks to KPNQwest Italia national coverage.

Data Center: Housing and Neutral Colocation Services

We offer cutting-edge spaces, services and infrastructures for our clients within the major interconnectivity hub in Italy, with three progressive configurations and performance options.

Interconnections, with all the major telecommunication operators in Italy and the main access providers of the consumer market, are available directly in our Data Centers or can be reached by dark fiber in other areas of the campus, also on a project basis.