Who We Are

Experience that makes the difference.

Experience is a value that can be acquired in one way only: on the ground. Here at KPNQwest Italia we have been accompanying Italian enterprises for more than 30 years, to support their businesses with innovative and efficient telecommunication technologies.


At the forefront of innovation.

Our expertise and thirst for innovation brought us to the forefront of ICT evolution in Italy. Relevant examples are: the creation of MIX (Milan Internet eXchange), the creation of our 4 Data Centers in Milano Caldera, the installation of fiber-optic networks on the whole country and the development of IaaS cloud computing and Virtual Data Center platforms.

Experts recognise us.

Thanks to our achievements, we won resellers' and service integrators' trust and became partners of more than 10,000 small and big companies in all industrial sectors. We also learnt how to understand our clients' needs and how to offer them tailored solutions by constantly supporting them and creating a mutual dialogue and a transparent relationship.

A network of values.

These are the values that allow us to make a difference every day: technologic excellence; reliability of services and of post-selling support; rapidly meeting the clients' needs; clients can easily contact and obtain support from every department; honesty and professionalism in any situation.

6 reasons that make us unique


We were born to innovate.

Over the last 30 years we gained considerable experience and developed competences and organisational skills to innovate even better. This is how we grew so much.


4 Data Center.
Ours but also a bit yours.

The Data Centers are 100% ours. We designed, built and developed them to obtain the best performance possible, especially for your business.


We created the right MIX.

Because Milan Internet eXchange, the major Internet hub in Italy, was created with our contribution. And now it is at everyone's service.


5000 ever-active servers.

Like us. Because we never stop developing our technologies and we never stop guaranteeing the performance and support your business needs.


100% connected.

We cover the whole country with fiber and copper networks, to let your business surf at maximum speed.


Tested more than 10,000 times.

Over the years, many small and big companies relied on us, chose our services and collaborated with us to improve our offer day by day.


If many have chosen us, there isn't one reason.
There are many more. 

 We work with many companies. Medium or small, famous or niche. Present in  every corner of Italy. Each one of them with a different need and reason to choose  us. Discover some of the projects we have developed for them.