KPNQwest Italia offers cloud computing and housing services through its four Data Centers, connected with more than 200 national and international operators, located in Milano Caldera, the major fiber hub of Italia. KPNQwest Italia connects thousands of companies to wide broad band through a fiber-optic network covering the whole country. We work in synergy with a network of qualified partners and we have made customer care one of the pillars of our work, thanks to our thirty-year long experience within the telecommunications market.

Data Center
Housing e Colocation

We'll take you to the core of the Internet.

We currently own 4 Data Centers. We designed and built them and now they are directly managed by our team at Caldera Hub in Milan, the first and foremost fiber hub in Italy. With KPNQwest Italia you'll take your business to the heart of innovation.


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Connectivity and VoIP

Fast. Especially when it comes to helping you.

We cover the whole country with our fiber-optic broadband services. In 1999, we were the first alternative provider to offer ADSL services to Italian companies. We invest in fiber-optic ultra-broadband coverage of industrial areas. We integrate our connectivity services with VoIP services.

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Open your business to infinite opportunities.

Reliable – thanks to our infrastructure made up of 3 Data Centers. High-performing - thanks to the location of our Data Centers at Caldera Business Park, the strategic fiber hub in Italy. A competitive Cloud, scalable according to business needs and budgets. Our cloud services can grow with your company.

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Communication Tools

Ready to simplify your work

A complete and powerful "as a service" platform to manage massive sms, faxes and emails. It has been serving thousands of users for years, helping them manage marketing activities, send orders and file invoices.

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Become our partner

Together we multiply the benefits.

You bring your local branches, your entrepreneurship and direct contact with clients. We offer our expertise, our infrastructures, our innovative solutions. And, what's more, significant economic advantages and tools to support and to build a successful business together.

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